Who we are

& What we do

Golden Tree Farm is a 30 acre Certified Organic family farm.  We are located on the southern edge of St. Mary's Lake on Salt Spring Island.  We strive to create a wholistic business model empowering a skilled farm team to grow the healthiest food possible.   

We have a 15 acre orchard of mixed tree fruits including Apples, Asian Pears, European and Japanese Plums, Sour Cherries and Figs.  We have two acres of Blueberries, and an acre in day-neutral Strawberries.  We also grow Garlic, organic hay, laying hens, meat birds and a family vegetable food garden. As well we specialize in certified organic Reishi Mushrooms. 

Our farm is based on a Permaculture/Production Model. Our focus is creating and maintaining healthy ecological and human systems, that continually increase biodiversity on multiple levels. 

Our Environmental Commitment

Working towards a sustainable future


Our farm is CERTIFIED ORGANIC through FVOPA.  We always aim to use best soil practices.  We actively make and apply COMPOST and spray COMPOST--TEA on our berries, trees and vegetables.  We use LOW--TILL methods and seasonally cover crop with green manure. 


All of our farm machinery, including tractors, mowers and trucks are run on RECYCLED BIO--FUELS.


All the irrigation water as well as household water is harvested using a massive RAIN WATER CATCHMENT SYSTEM.  We maintain hedgerows and drainage ditches throughout the farm.  The catchments drain into a very large holding pond that naturally purifies the water through the use of bio-filters.  The water catchment pond is also a spawning site for local trout.


We have installed SOLAR PV systems that GENERATE 111% of ALL POWER used on the farm.  This includes all the household use, as well as the power used in food production and refrigeration, and preservation.  The power also runs our large pumps, which irrigate 30 acres of food.  There are over 200 PV panels, that are grid tied to the main lines. 

“Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.”

- Alice Waters